How we interact here, please

I have some ideas about designing a functional blog comment interaction system. But right now I’m not sure about the exact details, because the goals of this space (a place where wrongness doesn’t mean losing) are so at odds with standard internet culture I’m not sure where to begin. I’d welcome anyone’s ideas!

Here’s a guideline:
Being wrong here means that you win, because if you are honestly wrong, and you are willing to engage with the truth and learn from it, then you have gained both in knowledge and critical thinking experience.

If you’re right, and someone else is wrong, please do not castigate or impugn them for it. Instead, if you have the heart and emotional energy, please help them get through the critical thinking process necessary. If you don’t have the heart and emotional energy, please explain that and bow out in a civilized manner.

If you’re wrong, and someone else is right, please be deferential and engaged with the truth. Do not reach for arguments, and do not behave like someone in a debate. We are not in a debate: we are engaged in the practice of mutual education. Enter into discussion with at the least the acknowledgement that you might be wrong, and the humility to move on from there. Remember: you’ve won! Be a gracious winner and not an ungracious one.

We are safe here. Our ideas are not.

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