24 February, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been away for a bit. There are three reasons for this. First is that I am working on a very difficult to write essay titled “why people rape” which is about as difficult to write as it sounds. Second, my maternal grandfather just died (I hope is happier in death than he was in life. Low bar.) and I’ve had to deal with some of the legal and emotional ramifications of that, which are tied together*. Third, I’ve been incredibly busy on some other projects.

I wanted to link you all to one of those projects: ANIMAL CRIME. ANIMAL CRIME is a noir detective story about a marmot detective named Marmot Detective, and how he is sucked into webs of deceit, seduction, and murder in the sinister underbelly of Animal City. His adventures range from the mean streets and dive bars to the elite gentleman’s clubs and corporate offices. I really think you’ll enjoy it. The comic is free, and updates Tuesdays. There is also a role-playing game, which is $30 for a boxed set or cheaper for an eBook.

* I am entertaining ideas about what to do with the money I inherit. Donate it to RAINN or Rape Crisis? Therapy? World trip?

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